Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Manipulation of simple fractured nose using mallet and champagne cork


Fractures involving nasal bones are common.   Manipulating simple fractures involving nasal bones using mallet and champagne cork was reported in a private communication by M ROLLIN, N DE ZOYSA, G MOCHLOULIS of UK.

As for any other nasal surgical procedure the patient is evaluated.  This procedure can be performed either under local anesthesia / general anesthesia.  The champagne cork is enclosed in a sterile glove finger and tied.  
The patient is placed in supine position and the head is stabilized.  The champagne cork is placed over the skin overlying the deviated nasal pyramid.  Disimpaction of fractured nasal bones is achieved by a firm tap of the cork with a mallet.  The rounded end of the cork is used for disimpaction and the flatter end for realignment.
This technique can be used safely to treat simple fractures involving nasal bones with minimal risk of skin trauma.  This technique is more suitable in managing late presenting fractures.

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