Friday, August 25, 2006

How Alexander Fleeming saved the life of Sir Winston Churchill twice

How Alexander Flemming saved life of Sir Winston Churhill twice. As narrated by Mithun Anand:

"Sir Winston Churchill was born in a rich family. His house used to be a platial one, infact if held a large lake in its premises. The huge premises had lots of gardners working to keep it fit. One day 4 years old Winston went to have a swim in the lake. He started to swim in the shallow portion of the lake. Suddenly his curiosity took him to the deeper parts of the lake. He had difficulty swimming in the deeper part of the lake. He started to sink. He cried out for help. Alexander Flemming a 5 year old boy son of a gardner working in the premises jumped into the lake and saved Winston.
Winston's father Lord Randolph Churchill thanked the boy hero for saving the life of his son. He even asked him what favour he needed for the same. The shy boy Alexander kept quiet. He called out to the father of the boy and asked the same question. Out came the reply: "Sir my son wants to study and become a doctor, can you help him?" Lord Randolph Churchill agreed and sent Alexander to school.
It is the same Alexander who discovered the wonder drug penicillin and was also awarded the nobel prize for the same. Infact his drug pencillin saved the life of Winston Churchill when he had a bout of pneumonia. This is how Sir Alexander Flemming saved the life of one of the most important man in the history of the world twice. An act of kindness really goes a long way."
This incident when narrated by my friend's son master Mithun Anand I didnot fail to notice the twinkle in his eyes. He was so obsessed with this tit bit he even got references to back his narration.