Friday, September 01, 2006

How I managed a patient with fronto ethmoidal mucocele with intra cranial extension

I am publishing this interesting case report for the benefit of head and neck surgeons. I had a 65 year old female patient with swelling over her left forehead and proptosis of left eye of 5 years duration. She was a known diabetic on irregular treatment. CT scan taken showed radio dense mass occupying the left frontal sinus area involving the left orbit pushing the left eye downwards and outwards. The anterior and posterior tables of the skull was found eroded. Diagnostic nasal endoscopy showed a large agger nasi cell. Other wise there was no remarkable finding.
The patient was taken up for endoscopic sinus surgery. On opening up the frontal sinus the collection within the mucocele extruded out. The pulsating brain tissue was seen after the decompression. View the surgical video.