Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vertical partial laryngectomy


Vertical partial Laryngectomy is a conservative laryngeal surgical procedure which involves removal of one half of the larynx while the other half is preserved. The dead space created after removal of one half of the larynx is closed using various flaps. This surgery was first proposed by Solis – Colen in 1869 to manage early malignant lesions involving vocal folds.


1. Malignant tumors involving a single vocal cord early T1, T2 and select T3 lesions

2. Anterior commissure of the vocal cord should be free of the lesion

This surgery is not suitable for patients with growth vocal cord involving the anterior commissure and the opposite cord.


1. This is a conservative procedure where in patient is able to speak without the aid of prosthesis

2. Patient need not have a permanent tracheostome

3. Patient does not have any swallowing problems

You can view the video clipping of the surgery below:

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