Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pseudocyst of Pinna

This condition involves the Pinna and can frequently recur even after successful treatment. It goes by various names i.e. intercartilagenous cyst, endochondral Pseudocyst and idiopathic cystic chondromalacia. This condition was first described by Engel in 1966.

Clinical features:

1.Presents as painless, spontaneous dome shaped cystic swelling on the anterior surface of auricle.
2.This condition is predominantly seen in adult males
3.It is uncommon before 20 and after 60 years of age.
4.Majority of these cysts are found in the scaphoid and triangular fossae of the pinna
5.Majority of these cysts have been reported in Chinese. Chinese have attributed this problem due to the firm pillow they use to sleep. Studies have not demonstrated any racial differences.
6.Right ear is more commonly affected than the left. This has been attributed to the habit of majority of individuals to sleep on their right side.

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