Thursday, July 16, 2009

Acute frontal sinusitis

Acute frontal sinusitis is defined as inflammation of mucosal lining of frontal sinus and it’s out flow tract of less than 3 weeks duration. The incidence of acute frontal sinusitis is considerably lower when compared with that of maxillary sinusitis in adults and ethmoidal sinusitis in children. Early diagnosis and management of acute frontal sinusitis will go a long way in preventing development of complications.

Acute sinusitis commonly affects 20% of population. Acute frontal sinusitis affects about 4% of these individuals. Acute frontal sinusitis commonly affects adolescent males and young men. The age predilection is due to the fact that frontal sinuses become vascular and enlarge rapidly during 7 – 15 years of life. Male predilection largely remains unexplained.

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