Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nasal topical therapeutics

Intranasal drug delivery systems for the management of local and systemic
ailments have caught up recently. Initially this route of drug administration
was attempted for the management of allergic rhinosinusitis. Now inflammatory sinusitis is also managed by intranasally administered drugs. The reasons for interest in this route of drug administration because of its high vascularity, porous endothelial basement membrane and a high total blood flow per volume of tissue. Since first pass metabolism is avoided in this drug delivery method the drug is metabolized slowly thus helping in reducing the dosage of the drug. This also goes a long way in reducing the potential toxicity of the administered drug even if it has a very low therapeutic index. The complex nasal anatomy and the varying dynamics of nasal air flow make this drug delivery modality a little bit unpredictable. This is more so especially in patients with nasal cold which is associated with congestion of nasal mucosa and turbinates.

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